Why You Should Get Your CDL

Blue Horizon Driving Academy can help you get a CDL

Considering a Career Change?

Here’s Why You Should Get Your CDL

At one point or another we have all considered a career change to learn a new skill, pursue a passion project, or simply to earn more money. If you find yourself in a position to change your career, becoming a professional truck driver is a perfect opportunity to join a highly in demand field and find job security.

  1. The transportation industry is continuously growing

Walking through the grocery store you can guarantee that the greater majority of products have been transported by truck. In 2021 the transportation industry grew by 3.9% and employed 14.9 million people! ¹ The industry is predicted to continue growing by 3.4% through 2027, which means CDL drivers will continue to be in high demand. ²


  1. Higher income potential

Professional truck drivers can earn up to $80,000 their first year after school. Additionally, drivers can move specialty or hazmat goods or become owner operators and earn even more.


  1. Numerous job opportunities

Becoming a CDL driver gives you the opportunity to work locally, regionally, or over-the-road. Each type of work comes with different benefits and you can always transition to adjust to life’s circumstances. 


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¹ https://data.bts.gov/stories/s/Transportation-Economic-Trends-Transportation-Empl/caxh-t8jd/

² https://explodingtopics.com/blog/transportation-industry-trends

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