Truck Driving Jobs

truck driving jobs

When you think of a trucking career, you might imagine a driver driving across the nation for days on end delivering freight. This is one form of trucking profession in which many people succeed. Long-distance trucking, however, is not the only option accessible to CDL holders. Many CDL Class A drivers deliver locally and may return home every night. Specialized truck drivers can obtain expertise and endorsements in a certain industry, which can lead to greater pay and a wider range of career opportunities. Continue reading to discover more about the truck driver positions for which Blue Horizon CDL can prepare you!

Jobs In The Trucking Industry

Blue Horizon CDL truck driving school can help existing CDL holders acquire new endorsements or prepare you for your CDL exam with 40 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of driving experience. An endorsement is obtained by completing a written examination that assesses your capacity to carry hazardous materials (HazMat) or heavy goods such as double/triple trailers in a certain trucking category. Simply getting your CDL will qualify you for a variety of regular commercial trucking jobs that pay well.

Blue Horizon CDL offers HazMat and double/triple trailer endorsement training to CDL holders. The following are some benefits of specialist truck driving jobs:

  • Higher wages, often exceeding $100,000!
  • A wider range of work opportunities

It will be simple to locate a career that will transport you all over the country if you enjoy traveling. Blue Horizon CDL is the school that can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We have hundreds of training sites around the United States, so you can easily commute to school every day.

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